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Full Version: BraveRO's Master Event
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Dear BraveRO Adventurers,

By now you are probably missing our last seasonal event and already looking forward to the next seasonal event... Though it's still too early for our Summer event, We are excited to introduce the BraveRO Master Event – a thrilling and challenging event designed to test your skills in various features and, of course, your luck! Collect all five Master Keys to claim one of the available fantastic prizes!

Daily Quest Master Key [Image: yellow.gif]
Complete daily quests for a 5% chance to obtain this rare key.

Battlegrounds Master Key [Image: blue.gif]
Win a round in Battlegrounds for a 1% chance to secure this elusive key.

Zeph Master Key [Image: black.gif]
Finish Zeph Hunting Missions for a 2% chance to earn this coveted key.

PvP Master Key [Image: red.gif]
Achieve kills in the Hero Arena for a 0.25% chance to win this rare key.

Event Master Key [Image: green.gif]
Participate and win various events such as Dice, Roach Invasion, Novice Survival, Poring Catcher, Billionaire's Raffle, or find it with a 1% chance from a Treasure Box.

Collect all five keys and exchange them for one of the following fantastic rewards:
  • Spirit of Heroism
  • Tailored Enchantment Coupon
  • 750b Zeny
  • Shadow Legendary Set
  • Rogue Legendary Set
  • Variant Rare of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket)
  • Mythical Pet of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket)

[Image: 4_M_4THPRIN2.gif]
You may speak with the BraveRO Master NPC located in Caspen 170 215
to collect your prize of choice once you collect all 5 keys. 

  • This event is designed to be both challenging and luck-based.
  • Keys are tradeable, so you can exchange them with other players.
  • There is no limit to the number of keys you can earn.
  • Keys will stop dropping on June 2nd, 2024. *** The NPC will be removed on June 3rd, 2024. ***
  • Don't miss out on this short-term event! Gather your keys, complete your challenges, and claim your rewards before time runs out!


  •     S i × t h .  ™
  •   Sa†an 
  •   Tia 
  •   Xyi 
  • .Rijou
  • ArrOw StORm~
  • B o s s J
  • bhunjinko
  • BossTay
  • DhalSim~
  • Fullmental Alchemist
  • GeneGeneGeneticS
  • Groomer.
  • hehehehehehehehehehe
  • Horakthy-
  • jhin.
  • Lautsprecher Anlagen
  • Lautsprecher Anlagene
  • Line of Latitude
  • Line of Sight
  • Mevius.
  • Mihoooooo
  • Okayn
  • Panchaii
  • PoP Smoke
  • Rapid CasteR~
  • SD Premium
  • Super Chino
  • Tata Lino
  • Umi..
  • V 0 M i T
  • White Lily.
  • Ylvaa
  • •†•Alliyah•Dale•†•
  • §¡egƒ®¡eÞ™

Join the adventure and become a BraveRO Master! At the end of the event, we will list in this post the character names of all the players that were able to collect all 5 keys and become a BraveRO Master!

Happy gaming,
The BraveRO Team
"Win a round in Battlegrounds for a 1% chance to secure this elusive key."
let this be win or lose ploxxx
Not for this event, sorry Smile
The BraveRO Master Event has concluded! The list of players that completed the Master's challenge has been published! Congratulations!

If you enjoy BraveRO, please consider writing a review on Ratemyserver so that our server can continue to grow and thrive. Thank you all for participating in event!