Donation Coupons

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The coupons below can be claimed via the helpdesk ticket.


  • In order to receive the freebie item, your donation must meet the minimum donation according to the table below.
  • If you don't want to use any of the coupons below, you will receive 4 donation credits for each 1$ USD donated.
Coupon Name Minimum Donation Donation Credits Freebie Item
1x Random Headgear $5 USD 15 Credits 1x Fortune Headgear Chest
Brave Card Album $10 USD 30 Credits 1x Brave Card Album
50 Free Credits $25 USD 75 Credits Additional 50 Credits (125 total)
125 Free Credits $50 USD 150 Credits Additional 125 Credits (275 total)
Spirit of Heroism $65 USD 195 Credits 1x Spirit of Heroism
Card of Choice $70 USD 210 Credits 1x Card of Choice
Sapphire Legendary Set $90 USD 270 Credits 1x Sapphire Legendary Set
300 Free Credits $100 USD 300 Credits Additional 300 Credits (600 total)