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A little bit about BraveRO:

Reaching the maximum level is often seen as a significant achievement, but it in BraveRO, that's just the beginning of the adventure. BraveRO offers new endgame content such as a heroic storyline quest, raids, dungeons, and other achievements that are designed for level 500 characters. Completing these achievements can provide a sense of accomplishment and keep the game interesting even after playing for a long time.

Despite already having thousands of new headgears, and hundreds of new equipment, BraveRO continues to innovate and balance the game with new content, which will provide even more things for our players to do and discover.

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✔ The Full Client contains everything
you need to play BraveRO.


- Max Level : 500/120
- Max Status : 500
- Instant Cast : 300 DEX
- Max ASPD : 195
- Rates : 10k/10k/10k
- Normal Card Drop Rate : 10%
- MvP Card Drop Rate : 3%
- Type : Hybrid Pre/Renewal


- Elite Hero Quest: A storyline quest with job specific weapons, equipment & missions
- Achievement System : High Rate PvM, PvP & Misc achievement system
- Mining, Forging & Fishing : Unlock skills, mine minerals, and forge powerful equipment
- Instances : Official & Custom instances with balanced difficulty for level 500 players


- Costume Headgears: Over two thousand custom headgears
- Skin Colors : Choose between 9 available skin tones
- Aura Stylist : Hundreds of different aura combinations
- Colored Nicknames : Select any color for your nickname
- New Emotes : Unlock dozens of new, larger & high quality emotes


- Guild Capacity : 20 Members
- Duration : 60 Minutes
- Alliances : Disabled
- Modes : FE & SE specific WoE days
- Schedule : 3x per week to accomodate different timezones & modes
- Guild Instance : Challenging and rewarding custom guild dungeon.


- Modes : Capture the Flag, Team deathmatch & 7 other modes.
- Ranking : Bronze to Legend ranking with unlockable name tags & sound taunts.
- Rewards : The most rewarding feature in the game with direct exchange to other currencies.


- Dual Client: Allowed.
- Macro Use : Limited use.
- @LGP : Light Graphics Plugin reduces graphic lag.
- @Commands : Dozens of useful commands.
- Main NPC : Located in all cities offers access to dozens of NPCs in one.